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When there is a great dream, you must catch it—Larry Page

The success story of google

In today’s world if we hear about search engines then 1st name comes in our mind is Google. Google search was created by several Stanford University Ph.D. students Larry Page and Sergey Brin in early 1996. They designed and planned a search engine that accurately analyzes the relationship between URLs. The search accuracy of this engine is better than the basic search technology applied at that time. At that time, the project was called BackRub. because the system would check backlinks to assess the necessity of station names. Here this article is base on the success story of Google and the larry page.

Success Story of Google’s Founder Larry Page

Page is one of the founders of Google, and officially became Google’s CEO on April 4, 2011. In 2013, Larry Page was selected as the most influential CEO under the age of 40 in the United States in 2013. And ranked 20th on the Forbes 2013 Global Rich List with $23 billion in assets. In 2016, Larry Page topped the list of “The Most Influential People in the World 2016” by Forbes magazine.

Success Story of Google

At the age of 23, Page once had a dream about downloading the entire Internet, but only keeping links. After waking up from the dream, he spent a long time describing the details of the dream. And he firmly believed that what he had was not just a dream. It would eventually come true in the future. Although he had not thought about the concept of building a search engine at the time. This dream planted the seeds for the birth of Google.

Meeting of Page and Brin

In 1996, Page entered Stanford University to study. During his PhD in computer science, he met Sergey Brin. Since then, two close partners have embarked on their brilliant career journey.

Success Story of Google

Stanford University has a gathering of elites and fierce competition. In order to complete his doctoral dissertation, Page “killed” more than a dozen very interesting ideas. And determined the topic of the thesis as the rapidly developing Internet at that time. In the process of writing the paper, Page consulted a large number of computer and Internet materials. Which will also be of great benefit to his future development direction.

Of course, like all entrepreneurs, Page’s start has not been smooth sailing. Before Google officially came out, Page and Brin did a lot of trials and preparations. Page said in a speech at Michigan State University: “Do you know what it’s like to wake up from a realistic dream at midnight? You know that there is a flash of light, but there is no pen and paper beside the bed. The next day What if I forget everything in the morning?”

Collaborated of Search Engine ‘Backrub’

Initially, Page and Brin collaborated on a search engine called “BackRub”. After two years of improvement, the two collaborated to develop Google’s online search engine in 1998. There were already several search engines on the market at the time, but these search engines all faced a problem. Which was that they would always display irrelevant lists.

The search engine developed by Page and Brin completely changed this situation, highlighting relevant and more meaningful results. And quickly disseminating them to information searchers around the world. Unlike the cold reception Mark Zuckerberg received at Harvard University, Page and Brin became legends at Stanford University.

Establishment of Google (Success Story of Google)

It seems that they are not far from running a formal company. However, lack of funds has become a major problem. In order to raise start-up funds, Page and Brin rushed around, and finally borrowed a precious $1 million. In September 1998, Google was formally established in California.

Success Story of Google

At first, Google had only 3 employees, and it increased to 8 after half a year. Today, even a small company has more than 8 employees. At the time, these 8 employees were the backbone of Google’s operations. Who would have thought that the number of employees in a small company of 8 people would have reached more than 50,000 today?

In fact, before the founding of Google, Page and Brin had found one of the founders of Yahoo, David Philo. Philo affirmed the ideas and technologies of Page and Brin. And he also suggested that they establish a search engine company. Develop an independent business.

Competition of Google With Other Search Engines

From today’s Internet situation, search engines are not only our work and life assistants. But also a kind of entertainment tool. With the emergence of search engines such as Yahoo and Baidu, modern people have become the “search generation. At the end of the 20th century, in the era when computers were not even popular. All of Page’s behavior seemed to be a repetition of his dream.

In just two years, under the leadership of Page, Google has developed into the world’s largest Internet search engine. And Yahoo has also chosen Google as the default search result provider. Seeing that Google’s wings are becoming more and more prosperous. The former Internet giants have become restless, and they all put the development of their own search engine on the agenda. But it was too late, and Google was already at the forefront of search engines.

Rising of Google

Buffett, a legendary stock market investment genius, and the shaper of Berjaya’s business in the US, his every move will affect the trend of the global market. All Buffett’s investment philosophy is well in mind. Page is not limited to owning a Google. What he wants to do is to become the Buffett of the technology industry.

On August 19, 2004, Google was listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. Later, under the radical leadership of Page and Brin, Google has been pursuing innovation with a tireless attitude. For the tireless Googlers, it seems that there is no limit to innovation.

Around 2000, with the bursting of the Internet bubble, countless Internet companies experienced great turmoil in history, but the development of Google has not been greatly affected. In the following ten years, Google continued to introduce new products. Launched Google News, Google Maps, Android mobile phone OS, and other excellent products. And also set foot in SNS and other Internet services in a variety of ways.

Launching of Gmail and Google Map

Success Story of Google

In 2004, Google extended its reach to industries other than search engines. For the first time, launching Gmail, a free mailbox with 1,000 megabytes of space. One stone caused a thousand waves of waves. Once Gmail was launched, it put tremendous pressure on Internet giants such as Yahoo and Microsoft. Although both Yahoo and Microsoft took active countermeasures, it still provided Gmail with a chance to catch up.

According to data from the American market research company ComScore, in 2013, Gmail’s global market share officially surpassed Hotmail, ranking first. In the same year 2004, a company called Keyhole that specialized in producing satellite images was acquired by Google. The following year, Google released Google Maps.

The map solution it provides redefines the electronic map, and virtually brings more traffic to Google search.

Google Acquired Youtube

In 2006, Google acquired YouTube. A video website with advertising value founded by Chinese American Chen Shijun and others, for US$1.65 billion.

Although many people were not optimistic about Google’s series of acquisitions at the time. The fact is just the opposite, and Google has made a lot of profits. Page has always hoped to build a handheld computer that can carry Google’s services throughout the pockets of everyone in the world.

Google Bought Android

By coincidence, Android, founded by Andy Rubin, was about to be sold in 2005, and Google bought it. Android is called Android in Chinese, and the mobile phone control family must be familiar with this name. It is an operating system designed for handheld devices.

Android is an open source project, and Google is the first company to use Android. When Steve Jobs released the first-generation Apple iPhone in 2007, Google also showed the outside world the Android operating system and announced that it would establish a global alliance.

Subsequently, the era of smartphones came. And the closed system represented by Apple and the open Android camp with Google as the core divided the world. For this reason, Steve Jobs and Larry Page became direct competitors. At present, the Android system has surpassed Apple’s iOS system and has become the world’s largest smart operating system. It has to panic its competitors. Jobs of the year called “admiration.”

Acquisition of Motorola by Google

Since Page re-taken over Google in 2011, he has been more enthusiastic about pushing Google into areas other than online advertising. According to statistics, in the three years since Page re-elected Google’s CEO, the engineer who graduated from Stanford University has shown extraordinary talents in corporate management. He led Google to conduct a total of 127 transactions with a total value of $17.6 billion. One of the largest transactions was the acquisition of Motorola by Google for a total of $12.5 billion in August 2011. Larry Page was therefore dubbed the “acquisition madman” title.

In 2014, Google sold Motorola Mobile to Lenovo for $2.9 billion. Perhaps, for Peppa, Warren Buffett is always insurmountable, but Peppa has never given up chasing this object. With a goal, he will naturally have the motivation. And if he has the motivation, he will naturally commit himself to the pursuit. In action.

Launching of Google Glasses

In April 2012, Google released Google Glasses. This is a pair of glasses with the same functions as a smartphone. Wearing this kind of glasses, you can control photos, video calls, and identify directions by sound, and you can even surf the Internet, process text messages and emails, etc.

When talking about Google Glass once, Page said: “I like to use the Google Glass developed by my company very much. Every time I wear it to see the world, I feel that I live in the distant future. This feeling is so amazing. Will make me very excited.” Have we ever seen this kind of scene in a technology blockbuster? Don’t think it can only appear in movies. In Page, this scene will become reality in the near future.

Some More Things About Google Success Story

In 2012, Page sent a driverless Lexus to 20 miles outside of the advertising tycoon. Martin Sorrell (Martin Sorrell) who came to Google to visit. Only radar, sensors and a laser scanner that scans more than 1.5 million times per second to assist in the control of this driverless car made Sorrell exclaimed: “It’s incredible!” Page can always suggest various What is even more commendable for his bizarre creativity is that he can always implement his various ideas in an efficient and pragmatic style. S

some people say that Google’s driverless cars are just a whim of Page, but it is not. Page is not just for fun. He firmly believes that driverless cars will officially be on the road in the future.

More Achievements in Success Story of google and Page

In 2013

“Barron’s Weekly” evaluated Page as a CEO with a shrewd mind in the selection of the world’s 30 best CEOs. He turned knowledge into great wealth. The article commented: “This is the same as others 15 years ago. The nerd who founded Google proved himself smarter than anyone thought.

In 2014

Larry Page announced that he would not donate the money to non-profit charities after his death, but to an innovative company, such as Tesla Motors and Space X CEO And Elon Musk, Chairman of SolarCity. Larry Page believes that companies like Tesla Motors will bring greater benefits to mankind.

That was the success story of Google and Larry Page. I hope you people get motivated

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